About Us

FertiQi specializes and excels in the field  of fertilizer production and development. We first and foremost place the emphasis on stability. Stability in production, stability in development and stability in quality. Only by striving for perfection can we achieve stability for our relationship and stability for your valuable crops/operation.


We are a team of experienced and dedicated professionals with a passion for plants.  Few things give as much satisfaction as watching life flourish from something as small as a single seed.  Being an integral part of this process of existential growth, fuels our passion for quality and stability.


Passion is what drives FertiQi forward, knowledge and experience allow FertiQi to grow. Our decades long experience in product development and plant knowledge is the foundation for our specialised fertiliser.  All FertiQi products are developed following the highest possible standards, from the very beginning of the process untill the moment our products are on their way to you our standards are kept.


Enough about us, let us meet so we can learn about you.

Partners or brands we made:

Over the last few years we made multiple products for multiple brands, below you find a overview of some of the brands